Is Hairstyle the final cause of Hair loss?

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(HealthDay)-Hairstyles are a hallmark of many people, but some hairstyles can damage hair follicles.

According to a review of 19 studies from Johns Hopkins University, many hairstyles can cause a condition known as traction alopecia. This is the gradual loss of hair due to damage to the hair follicles caused by prolonged or repeated tension on the follicles. The condition is particularly common in black women, but it can develop in anyone.

Researchers categorized common hairstyles and styling techniques into low, medium, and high risk based on the extent to which hair follicles were exposed to factors such as tension, weight, heat, and chemicals.

Hairstyles that are often pulled or pulled in one direction, such as tight ponytails, braids, knots, buns, dreadlocks, weaves and extensions, were found to be the most harmful, especially when attached to chemically straightened hair. Straightening hair can also lead to hair breakage. Extensions can also cause damage if they are glued directly to the scalp and then removed. Tight styling and weighting of strengthening hair can lead to breakage and subsequent hair loss.

Medium risk is excessive straightening of hair with flat irons or blow dryers, which can weaken the hair shaft and increase the likelihood of hair loss with further styling. Also of concern are permanent waves and chemicals used in wigs that are attached with clips or glue.

Low-risk hairstyles include loose buns and styles that do not constrict the hair.

To minimize damage, braids should not be left in place for more than 2-3 months. Braids and false hair should be removed after 6-8 weeks to allow the hair follicles to recover from the stress. Also, do not wear your hairstyles every day and change your hairstyles regularly.

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