The effect of gel with keratin microspheres on hair growth in mice

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Gel with keratin microspheres, consisting of keratin-based microspheres that swell in water to form a gel, has demonstrated effectiveness in stimulating the growth of hair follicles in mouse models. It is expected that it may find use as an active ingredient in the treatment of hair growth with minimal side effects.

The skin acts as a barrier that limits the penetration of particles and protects them from external influences. Recent studies have shown that fine particles containing substances that promote hair growth can overcome this barrier and reach the hair follicles. A study conducted by the University of Tsukuba showed that topical application of a gel consisting of water-soluble oxidized keratin (keratin microspheres gel) to mice significantly contributed to the expression of genes associated with cell proliferation and hair growth in papillary cells of hair follicles, stimulating the development of hair.

When gel with water-based keratin microspheres was applied to the shaved back of mice, hair growth began on the second day after application, and then accelerated. This effect was similar to that of minoxidil, a well-known hair growth stimulant. In addition, genetic analysis of samples of the skin tissue of the back of mice revealed a significant increase in the expression of genes involved in the regulation of the hair growth cycle and skin homeostasis. In addition, we developed a skin model characterized by the joint cultivation of a model of the upper layer of the epidermis obtained from humans and the primary human papillary cells underneath, and confirmed the stimulating effect of keratin microspheres on papillary cells by analyzing gene expression, and also demonstrated the permeability of the gel through the skin.

These results are the first evidence of the hair growth-stimulating properties of the gel with keratin microspheres. Considering that keratin is the main component of hair and skin, its use as a hair growth agent is considered safe and effective, with very few side effects.

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